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Saturday, March 30

4:00pm PDT

Tools That Pwn: A Hacker Symposium
This Saturday at PASCAL we are offering a Hacker Symposium of sorts, featuring a few handy tools of the trade as well as two major frameworks often used in developing exploits and attacking systems or networks. We will be surveying several of the tools that are part of Kali, and easy to install on any Debian derived distro. It seems many folks, sometimes even the professionals already hip deep in the field of tech, are unaware of the power their packages wield! The wild hacker kidz at PASCAL are going to show you how to get started with packaged/pre-loaded tools like Burp Suite, Binwalk, Wireshark, Kismet and will also provide you with an overview of the Metasploit and Volatility frameworks. Come take your first step with Reverse Engineering at PASCAL using Binwalk! Excuse yourself and set up a proxy with Burp Suite! Breath deep and sniff packets with Kismet! Enjoy these puns and more, in person with Cylon and the rest of the misfit hackers of PDX!

We will set aside time to answer questions, and hold demonstrations of each utility discussed. This is all about what YOU want to learn!! Questions? please email Cylon--> cylon@pascalpdx.org. PASCAL also has a Discord server as means of communication regarding upcoming events, news in infosec and memes (inquire within).

If you RSVP and are no longer able to make it, please do take the time to change your RSVP so that someone else may attend, even if it is only an hour before! Thanks!

Saturday March 30, 2019 4:00pm - 6:00pm PDT
PASCAL Hackerspace 226 SE Madison St, Portland, OR, 97214, us
Sunday, March 31

1:00pm PDT

Dorkbot Workshop: Linux Audio and Music Making
Interested in making music on Linux? Ever wanted to customize your own interface and workflow in your music making? Use your phone to do some mobile EQ-ing a venue, or completely repurpose a midi controller?

In this introductory workshop, we will explore different ways of interfacing with Linux-based audio applications in order to optimize modularity/customizability in an accessible fashion - this class is open to all levels, even if you are brand new to Linux!

I will demonstrate how users can use OSC (Open Sound Control, an alternative and complement to MIDI) to communicate between different programs such as Sooperlooper, Puredata (PD), Ardour, etc. We will utilize open-stage-control to play with how you can make your own GUI in an easy way. We will also glimpse at integrating some modules from automatonism in PD, which should feel familiar for synth lovers. I recommend installing and playing around with automatonism in PD (or another flavor of PD such as purrdata ) if you get the chance beforehand!

A Raspberry Pi or Linux laptop will be sufficient for this class, but you will probably want to use a usb sound card or an audio hat unless you don't mind lots of cracks and pops! We will try to have as many computers available as we can on hand.


Sunday March 31, 2019 1:00pm - 4:00pm PDT
CTRL-H Hackerspace 7608 N Interstate Ave. Portland, Oregon 97217
Monday, April 1

6:00pm PDT

Open Source Peer Mentoring

We normally have 12- 24 attendees - some people register on Meetup, others show up every week or see the event on Calagator. All are welcome. Pizza and beverages are served. Parking is free!
Bring your laptop. Learn and/or share your existing knowledge with others. This group focuses on Python, Django, JavaScript, jQuery, SQL, CSS and HTML. Other languages are welcome.

This week we will do introductions at 6:20 then pair up mentors and learners and/or work on projects.
Set aside one night a week to become a better developer, pick up new skills, and get help with your projects and learning. We'll have mentors on hand and a community of other learners to meet and work with.

This event is beginner friendly, we can help get you started with programming, support your online learning, or just talk about where you are at and what comes next.

Free parking! Save this number in case you need help finding us: (541) 602-6215 We are at 2828 SW Corbett Ave #208, inside the Portland State Business Accelerator, and near the International School.

Monday April 1, 2019 6:00pm - 9:30pm PDT
PDX Code Guild 2828 SW Corbett Ave, Portland, OR 97201

7:00pm PDT

Dorkbot Meetup

Part hackathon, part geek social, these biweekly meetings are a time for you to come join others for insight, inspiration or just insanity.

Bring your toys for others to see, or come see what others have been painstakingly chipping away at in their spare time.

Whether it's code or chips, hacking of all sorts is encouraged. But we also like to hear your crazy ideas, so please come join us and bring your willingness to share your brilliance.

p.s. This event is open to everyone, dork or robot. No ^H membership is required to attend. All are welcome. That means you!

Monday April 1, 2019 7:00pm - 10:00pm PDT
CTRL-H Hackerspace 7608 N Interstate Ave. Portland, Oregon 97217
Tuesday, April 2

5:00pm PDT

PDX Women In Tech (PDXWIT) West Side Mixer
On April 2nd, come celebrate Equal Pay Day with PDXWIT and Intel!

Many of us live and/or work on the West Side but may not have a professional community convenient to the area. Thanks to PDXWIT’s and Intel’s support, we can get together to talk tech and other work topics.

While the event will be primarily networking focused, we will also have the opportunity to hear from Alyson Crafton, VP of IT at Intel, who will share information about the company.

We will also hear from Rebecca Channer, Founder and CEO of ProsperCity. Channer is committed to closing the gender wage gap and ending salary discrimination in the United States. Rebecca will talk about the importance of salary transparency and compensation clarity when it comes to addressing pay disparities that impact women and people of color. She will share the benefits of transparency to job seekers and employees, while also getting real with employers about transparency as the path to greater diversity, inclusion and prosperity.

We hope to see you there!

5:00 pm - Doors open / networking
5:30 pm - Introductions (PDXWIT & Intel)
6:00 pm - Featured Speakers
6:30 pm - Networking
7:00 pm - Event ends

Event FAQ
Q: Will there be gender neutral restrooms?
A: Yes, gender neutral restrooms will be available.
Q: Is the space ADA accessible?
A: Yes, the space is ADA accessible.
Q: Will there be food and drink at this event?
A: Yes, food and drink will be provided at this event.
Q: What is the parking situation?
A: Free onsite parking is available near Building RA1 where the event will be held.
Q: Is there any special information that might help me find the entrance?
A: All attendees will need to enter through Building RA1 to check in with security before joining the event.
Q: Is there secured bike parking?
A: Bike parking is available just to the left of Building RA1’s lobby doors, but attendees should bring their own lock.
Q: Should I consider using public transportation?
A: Yes! The event is accessible via Trimet bus and MAX lines.
Q: Can I bring my dog?
A: No, we ask that you leave your furry friend home. Please note there may be office pets present at this event.

PDXWIT is a community-based non-profit organization. Our purpose is to strengthen the Portland women in tech community by offering educational programs, partnerships, mentorships, resources and opportunities. We are unifying a supportive environment for current and potential women in tech, all of whom are committed to helping each other. Our goal is to bring together and empower women in tech and to encourage others to pursue tech careers. This is our step towards reducing the gender imbalance in the industry and addressing the current negative effects of that imbalance on women.
Our events are inclusive. ALL people who support our purpose are welcome.

6:00pm PDT

Out in PDX: April social

Come join Out in Tech PDX for our April Social at Crush Bar!

If you are interested in connecting with the Out in Tech PDX chapter, want to meet some fabulous people or are a part of / interested in the tech industry, then come mingle with us and have a few drinks. We'll be at Crush Bar on Tuesday, April 2nd from 6:00 pm - 9:30 pm. Please RSVP through Eventbrite using the link above. We are looking forward to seeing everyone there!

Out in Tech unites the LGBTQ+ tech community, empowering aspiring tech leaders to improve our world by showcasing accomplished speakers, producing timely and thought-provoking events, and connecting our members to new opportunities and each other. As a 501(c)(3) non-profit, we provide resources and mentorship to ensure career access for LGBTQ youth and provide web services for LGBTQ activists around the world.

Tuesday April 2, 2019 6:00pm - 9:30pm PDT
Crush Bar 1400 Southeast Morrison Street, Portland, OR 97214
Wednesday, April 3

7:00pm PDT

PDX Exploit Workshop

Hey everybody. Got a bug you just can't land? Is there a recent CVE you've been eyeballing seductively? Just want to brush up on your APPSEC or OPSEC? Do none of the above questions make any sense, but you're interested in computer security?

PDX Exploit Workshop is the longest running security meetup in Portland (10 years!). It's an open, self driven event for people interested in computer security. Whether you're a novice or career professional, all are welcome. It's always a good time to learn about security!

We spend this dedicated time each week researching and exploring topics of software and hardware security as well as working on personal and group projects. Occasionally we have presentations on our findings. Bring a willingness to learn, a curiosity about security, and/or a specific area of interest to share with others.

This group meets in the PDX Hackerspace mainspace which has comfy seating, deluxe wifi (thanks Kyle!), Club Mate soda in the snack shack, and hackable LED displays to play around with.

p.s. This event is open to everyone! No ^H membership is required to attend. All are welcome. That means you!

Wednesday April 3, 2019 7:00pm - 10:00pm PDT
CTRL-H Hackerspace 7608 N Interstate Ave. Portland, Oregon 97217
Friday, April 5

12:00pm PDT

AgilePDX User Group

Please RSVP on our Meetup page to reserve your spot:https://www.meetup.com/AgilePDX-User-Group-Portland-Metro/events/259994527/
If you are unable to attend, please update your RSVP to open your seat for another attendee.

Frameworks such as Scrum are lightweight, simple to understand, and difficult to master by design. The Manifesto for Agile Software Development consists of a handful of value statements along with twelve easy to comprehend principles and yet, it sometimes seems as if we as individuals and teams may never "get there." How do we as individuals and teams continue to grow, evolve, and embrace Agile values? What successful strategies have you employed? What behaviors are beneficial? Are there metrics or other ways of measuring progress toward these ideals?

Join in the discussion and offer your experience, musings, or ideas.

Everyone is invited. You are always welcome within our community of practice. Please join us at Ringlers Pub for great food, great conversation, and good beer.

Note: Cancellations will be posted on MeetUp and Calagator at least 3 hours before event time. We will not have the event in ice, or snowy conditions.

Friday April 5, 2019 12:00pm - 1:00pm PDT
McMenamins Ringlers Pub 1332 W Burnside St, Portland, OR 97209

6:00pm PDT

Commodore Computer Club
The Commodore Computer Club meetings are open to anyone with an interest in Commodore technology. (Commodore 64, Amiga computers, etc.) Enthusiasts of other retro computers are also invited. Attendees come from a wide variety of backgrounds, and all are welcome.

Come to learn, come to share. It’s all for the love of anything Commodore.

Friday April 5, 2019 6:00pm - 9:00pm PDT